Dominate Any Social Media Algorithm with 5 Free Viral-Worthy Reel Templates

We made reel-making easy so you can reach 1000s of new people with every post

don’t have a lot of followers on social media?

Even if you’re just starting out your business and don’t have thousands of followers to show for it, there’s still a way to hack the algorithm and be visible to more people…




I created 5 FREE professionally-crafted reel templates for social media.


Editing doesn’t have to take hours anymore and posting regularly is now possible.


Even if you are a beginner or expert in the travel industry, these templates highlight what you do or what you sell with the right eye-catching video clips.


Reuse all 5 templates as much as you want to fill out a month’s worth of content on your calendar.


Simply switch them out with different topics related to your business.

Don’t worry, followers are not all that anymore!



 I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret…

 Social media platforms show reels more than photo posts or carousels, especially on Instagram
 That’s why when you scroll through IG, you’ll see more reels than posts from people you follow.
 Go ahead, notice it when you scroll through your feed sometimes. This is also true for Facebook.
 And riding on the trending reel formats can get you even more. 

Hey, I'm Felicia 👋

Who Am I?

Hey, I'm Felicia!

Founder and CEO of 3D Branding and Marketing Services

I’ve been a travel business coach for over 8 years. I’ve coached 5500+ travel agents and some are making 6 figures as we speak!


In all those years, we got to grow my travel business to  100k followers on Facebook, just from knowing which trends to ride and which to pass up on.


Success Stories


reels are here to stay, but trends can change in a snap!

Reels are here to stay, but trends can change in a snap!



I’ve never made reels or edited a video! Are these templates beginner-friendly?

These reel templates are as easy to use even without previous editing experience. You can use the videos and elements that are already on the template as is, but feel free to edit and make them your own with your branding.

What are the best practices for posting reels?

 Post them to the Reels section of your profile. This alone can grow your followers and engagement, but feel free to cross-post your feed to reach both followers and non-followers.

Do I need to download another app to use these templates?

 These reel templates are available on Canva, so you’ll have to edit them within the app or on


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