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About Felicia

Felicia is the mastermind behind the unique concepts of 3D Branding and Marketing Services.

She’s worked behind the scenes and coached over 5,500 travel agents on how to market themselves – some of whom have become 6-figure success stories.

As her expertise expanded to helping people make their travel business sufficient enough to be able to leave their corporate jobs, her mission has also grown larger as she continues to find new meaning in helping travel agents thrive.

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Learn how to start earning on your own terms off of digital marketing. Our courses grant you resell rights, so you can start your journey as you learn.

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What types of marketing materials do you offer for travel agents?

We specialize in providing a wide range of marketing and branding solutions specifically designed for travel agents. Our offerings include customizable website templates, flyers, Reels, promo videos, and much more, all tailored to help travel agents attract and engage their target audience effectively.

How customizable are your website templates and marketing materials?

Our website templates and marketing materials are highly customizable to ensure they meet the unique needs of your travel agency. You can adjust colors, fonts, images, and content to reflect your brand's identity and message.

How do I find my target market?

Define the kind of people you want to attract as your clients. Be specific about their characteristics, personality traits, age range, etc. It’s hard to attract everyone.

When you know who you’re marketing to, it’s easier to refine your marketing and messaging. And when your target market finds you, they know you’ll be a match to what they’re looking for.

How can I get more bookings?

Be consistent with your social media postings. Be visible in the communities where your market hangs out. Position yourself as someone knowledgeable and trustworthy.