About Us



I am Felicia Miles, owner and CEO. For the last six years I dedicated my time and expertise exclusively to teaching travel agents how to market themselves. Through teaching these travel agents how to effectively market and brand themselves and their services, I was able to help countless travel agents achieve six-figure incomes from home. I was also successful in helping a countless number of travel agents make more in their travel businesses then they made in corporate America, thus allowing them to leave corporate America and work for themselves full time.
Aware of my success levels with travel agents, individuals in different professions began to reach out to me for my help. As the demand for my expertise within different professions grew, I realized that I needed to expand my reach to help as many business owners as I could, thus 3D Branding and Marketing Services was born!
The branding and marketing concepts of 3D Branding and Marketing Services are concepts that are unique only to my company. You will not find these designs anywhere else. Not only are the templates 100% customizable, but they are also EASY to customize and can be branded using your own logo, colors, and whatever else makes your brand unique.
Please join our Facebook Community for full previews of our products. Our community is also where you can go to receive support from my business partners and of course me, your CEO.