1) Where do I find my download after I’ve purchased?

Check your spam box first. You are limited to three downloads attempts per template. If for some reason your template does not save and you have used all three download attempts, you will have to repurchase that template. Once you have successfully downloaded your template(s) they are yours to keep forever. Downloading works best when downloading from a computer or laptop verses attempting to download from a mobile device. Once you have downloaded your template(s) , open your template in Canva. Once you have done so, you will then be able to access the template on both your computer and or cellular device. If you are still having issues, it may that you incorrectly entered the email address at checkout. If you are unsuccessful in downloading your template (s) please email us at with your name, order number, date of purchase and purchase amount system. Our email response time is 2-3 business days.


2) Can I change the templates to fit my brand?

YES, you sure can! You can change anything on the templates. The goal is to edit the templates to represent using the colors that represent YOUR brand. If you don’t like the background picture, change it. If you don’t like the text, change it. Changing the templates to fit and reflect your brand is the whole point of providing you with customizable templates!


3) Can I share or resell the templates?

NO. You cannot share or resell our templates with ANYONE, travel agents included. When you download our templates, you agree to our terms and conditions. Sharing or reselling our templates goes against our policies and procedures. We reserve the right to prosecute anyone caught violating these policies and procedures to the full extent of the law. By choosing to download our templates you agree to subject yourself to the jurisdiction of the Alabama State and Federal Courts. You may be subjected to a state of federal lawsuit for all causes of actions provided by law including copywrite infringement. You may also be charged criminally. I price my products affordably in the hopes that you will share the group and my store with your other travel colleagues.


4) How do we reach customer service?

If you have questions you can always email us at or reach out in our Facebook Group. You can make a post with your question in the group which will get you the fastest response by either me, someone on my travel team or a more seasoned travel agent. If you don’t feel comfortable posting in the group, you can reach me by email. PLEASE DO NOT USE FACEBOOK MESSENGER FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please be patient.