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Faceless Marketing Mastery Course-Simply Passive

Faceless Marketing Mastery Course-Simply Passive

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Digital Marketing + Social Media Course for beginners. Comes with Master Resell Rights for 100% profit!Faceless Marketing Mastery Course-Simply Passive

If you've been looking for a side hustle to bring in additional income, you need this!

Who is this for?:

- The introvert / shy girlies

- The private girlies that don't want everyone in their business

- The girlies that don't know where to start, but really want to monetize off of social media and digital products

-A brand new beginner with zero experience making passive income – a simple & straightforward guided course
-A person that’s stuck & lost in digital marketing – A person that wants to grow & scale their digital marketing business

In this online course, you'll learn:

⁃ Effective strategies to start making Viral Faceless Content

⁃ How to earn your followers’ trust when Faceless Marketing

⁃ How to build and grow a faceless social media page from scratch

⁃ The most simplified way to find your niche & how to make money from it

⁃ How to find your target audience to gain more sales

⁃ How to choose a business name and branding yourself/business (includes FREE name generator tool)

⁃ How to find digital product templates in Canva

⁃ How to use ChatGPT to create your digital products

⁃ How to price your products to make profit

⁃ Trending hooks, hashtags and trending audio ideas to make your content go viral

⁃ How to use your story in your faceless content to win customers over

Includes easy EXAMPLES for beginners so you can easily apply to your brand

Includes where to get premade videos you can use if you don't want to create your own content or are too busy

*Wanna make your money back + more? You can resell this course multiple times and keep 100% of the profit. It’s a "Done For You" Course that you can resell without doing any work because the course has already been created for your customers. You can literally setup a Stan Store like this one and re sell it immediately. This course walks you through step by step with videos to set up everything... even with a quick 15 minute set up if you want!
That's a done for you business!


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